Top 10 tips for beginner bloggers

Blog Strategy

Maybe it’s just my love of writing a good process document, but I did actually set out a blog strategy (of sorts) before I started my blog – overkill you might think – and you’d probably be right!

I set 27th June as a date to review the document. So this seems like the perfect opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learned, as well as some of my goals for the next 4 months.

Creative writing exercise: People stories

"I'd like a people story" 

Creative writing: People stories
A small selection of 'people'
I don't think it's exaggerating to say I hear the phrase, "I'd like a people story," 20 times a day.

Toddler has become hopelessly obsessed with those little plastic Happy Land characters (I'm sure any parent of children above the age of 18 months will be well aware of these).

Having bought him a few, and unfortunately inherited a whole lot more, we now have upwards of 50, all shapes, sizes and colours, carefully designed to ensure total political-correctness.

Whatever you think, someone will think you should think the opposite

Whatever you think think the opposite by P. Arden. The book.
Whatever You Think Think the Opposite
I picked up Whatever You Think Think the Opposite, by Paul Arden, on a recommendation from a renowned copywriter’s website.

I’m more of a romantic fiction girl myself, so this was a bit of a departure, but in a quest to further myself and my copywriting I have committed to reading one relevant book a month.

I surprised myself by devouring it in one sitting – but then it’s that kind of book. 

More of a coffee table book (albeit a small one, and probably more at home in a creative agency’s waiting room), and is in fact, as much about the design as the text. The two work together to create the feeling of immersion in Arden’s ideas, he uses subtle persuasion; showing not telling.

Live tweet tips inspired by #DrLisasHen

#DrLisasHen live tweet collage

I've spent the last few weeks helping to organise my friend's hen do.

I tell you this not just because it's the best excuse I have for not updating my blog enough, but it's also relevant (sort of!).