Social media for business - A blessing or a curse?

Social media is one of the quickest ways to market your new business these days. Brands are constantly told that Twitter, Facebook and the like are not only useful, but essential.

But, if you are considering a foray into social media marketing for your business, I say proceed with caution!

Let me tell you a sweet story…

A small reminder of the importance of friends

Guess what?

The fact I am writing a long overdue blog post may give you a clue.

I finally finished the assignment I was getting my knickers in a twist about…And I got a reasonable mark too.

The importance of friends - quote
I’m hoping that now I’ve got past that particular brick wall I can move onwards and upwards with a little more confidence. If I take that long faffing about every assignment I won’t finish my copywriting course until 2016!

Knuckling down and getting the job done, though, was not without issue.

By the time I had written both a ‘home’ page and an ‘about’ page and all the associated metadata, I felt slightly like I had birthed another baby (Complete with J-breaths for the ‘hypnobirthers’ amongst you! No, seriously!). I was terrified when I sent it off for marking, and very relieved when it came back with positive comments.

Is this what it is like sending copy to clients? Jeez, I’m going to need beta-blockers on repeat!

The biggest issue, though, is the realisation that in focussing on getting this far through the course I have totally and utterly neglected all those around me!