Scared your web developer might mention search engine optimisation? Don't be.

Think about your perfect customer

You sell homemade jewellery and gifts.

You wrote your website all by yourself and you’re really chuffed with it.

Your Granny said, “Wonderful darling,” but you’re not convinced anyone else has seen it.

Meanwhile... an office just up the road, Mr Perfect-Customer is online. He’s in a hurry. He has 5 minutes, between meetings and he’s searching for a birthday present for his wife.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is about getting your website in front of Mr P-C.

Not enough hours in the day? That’s just an excuse!

Never too young to be too busy
Learning from Mummy?

When I started my course  I was super keen and flew through the first 6 chapters submitting my assignments like a 15-year old delivering papers without getting off his bike

And then, suddenly, I stopped…I haven’t lost interest, quite the opposite, I’ve been reading lots of relevant content on blogs and of course Twitter.  However, my beautiful study plan has gradually slipped and slipped until this week I am in danger of getting behind for the first time.

So, what’s changed?

The impotence of proofreading

I've had a few embarrassing proofreading incidents in my time!

The worst, a good few years ago, was when I offered to make some invitations for Hubbie's parents (he was only my boyfriend then, so I was out to impress!). It was their 40th wedding anniversary and they were inviting all their friends to a party in Shepton Mallet.

Only I thought it was spelt Shepton Mallett.

And I didn't think to check.