The end...Or just the beginning?

Life has been a bit hectic lately with finishing off the course, a 3rd birthday party to organise and trips away.

But, while I get round to writing some kind of fitting end for this blog, and working out what comes next, I just thought I'd share this.

Should a trainee copywriter work for free?

I received an email this week.

*cue dramatic music in manner of cheesy quiz show*

It talked of an "exciting opportunity," a "fascinating project" that offered me "amazing experience"...

Hand washing, mummy guilt and caring too much

Hand washing - The proof!
"I don't have to wash my hands when I wee!"

This was the delightful (and not entirely true) information my nearly 3 year old chose to impart to our new neighbour this evening!

It was an unfortunate turn of events. Neighbour was showing us round his house. Toddler wanted a wee. We went downstairs, did the business with no real input from either of us other than me lifting him on and off the toilet. Toddler got upset, I mean chin-wobblingly, silent-sobbingly upset, as he apparently hadn't finished looking upstairs. It was late, past bedtime, it wasn't worth a fight, so just that once (m'lud!) we eschewed the usual hand washing in favour of another quick nose around the house, and a happy Toddler!

No biggie.

Until Neighbour asks him if he washed his hands...