Tackling a burgeoning Twitter obsession - The 5 commandments

Part One: 12 Noon

I have a day off today.
Checking Twitter on to do list
To Do List

I was looking forward to spending it studying and writing. Perhaps even sitting in a cafe in manner of real life freelance writer.

My morning has gone something like this:

One for the portfolio – Hanson UKIT intranet pages


Hanson UKIT


Wording required for a new intranet site to provide key information to other areas of the business.

The client wanted the copy to focus on the people, and give the message that IT is both approachable and easy to work with. He also felt it was important to get across the valuable work that the department was doing to help strengthen the business.

Raising a toddler is great copywriting experience

Cheesy copywriting?
I have now been studying my copywriting course for about a month. I love it, but still worry that without experience it will be hard to get paid work.

I said this to a friend the other night, and her response was,

“You can do anything, you’re a mummy to a toddler!”

This got me thinking – there are a LOT of ways that raising a toddler can get you ready for life as a copywriter.